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Guangdong Provincial Association of architectural decoration materials industry association of Lanfang Longjiang (beautification) Exhibition Hall

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Guangdong Provincial Association of architectural decoration materials industry association of Lanfang Longjiang (beautification) Exhibition Hall

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Yesterday, (August 31st) afternoon, Lanfang, President of Guangdong Building Decoration Materials Industry Association, visited the exhibition hall of Longjiang (beautification) of the association and communicated with Chen Weiheng, our director.

Guangdong architectural decoration material industry association is the most appealing, influential and authoritative 5A Association in the building decoration material industry of Guangdong. Adhering to the "United, pragmatic, enterprising, innovative" purpose, "building materials export association, escort for the lead, the advantages of resources and the pivotal role, actively undertake the transfer of government functions and services; to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with various provinces and Cities Association, Guangdong province key joint construction decoration design association, the integration of designer resources; focus to promote the professional building materials market operation, in order to" hand sources, a price advantage, the establishment of the Guangdong building materials in The Belt and Road national direct procurement platform to build data base; building decoration materials, building materials to achieve docking of the whole industry chain, to promote the Guangdong and Guangdong building materials design integrated linkage, mutual benefit and common prosperity.

Association president Lan Fang introduced Guangdong province building decoration materials industry association and the Guangdong Provincial Architectural Design Institute of resources, she said, the association was founded in Guangzhou based on double court workshop building materials Home Furnishing Co. Ltd., is mainly responsible for the operation of the project, the implementation of project procurement docking. We would like to integrate the resources of both sides, mutual benefit and win-win, combined application of unit members, not to do business, to do more to build brand, LAN Ting workshop and Home Furnishing building materials industry alliance to become bigger and stronger long name card.

▲ Lan Fang President Chen Weiheng issued a plaque to the standing board of the Guangdong Architectural Decoration Material Industry Association for the chairman of our company


Lanting studio Shunde Exhibition Center was officially settled in landscaping exhibition hall

The court officially became the beautification Association workshop in Shunde exhibition center. The pavilion is my association with the beautification of member enterprises -- Building Materials Co. Ltd. jointly build F2B one-stop Home Furnishing building is located in Guangdong Foshan Shunde Jicai platform, Longjiang, covers an area of 3000 square meters.

The construction of Pan Home Furnishing Jicai area more than one stop supply chain resources in eighty categories, is committed to providing a professional production for customers Jicai, cost optimization control, contract standard P2F engineering Jicai supply chain management services. According to statistics, so far this year, we have received over 80 batches of customers, government agencies, industry associations, visits and tours at home and abroad, which has been well received by visitors.

Lanting Pavilion Pavilion landscaping workshop selection, description of products of agglomeration advantages and operation mode have been recognized, the Provincial Association of industry support, can Home Furnishing resources more effective docking area of Guangdong Province, the visibility will be greatly enhanced. As an integrated platform for large procurement services under line, the exhibition hall is an important channel for promoting and exporting brands, and hopes to create brand effect for the two parties.

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