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India golden Dow group visiting Longjiang (beautification) Exhibition Hall

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India golden Dow group visiting Longjiang (beautification) Exhibition Hall

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In September 20th, MR. SHANKAR, senior consultant of India golden Dodd group and CEO MR. Sachin of India INNOVEST company visited Longjiang (beautification) exhibition hall, and discussed with Chen Weiheng, chairman of our company.

India golden Dow group (JINDAL) industry group, the India private fourth - bit group, has a turnover of more than $22 billion in annual turnover. In recent years, it has been involved in real estate projects. It has a large number of real estate, hotel, residential and other development companies, rich in land reserves, and also involved in government public construction projects.


▲A discussion on the exchange between India and our director, Chen Weiheng (left three).

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