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Service commitment

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 Service commitment  

After sale commitment: 

1, MEIHUA furniture manufacture Co., Ltd. free warranty for one year, life-long furniture maintenance. And provide free home maintenance counseling service for life, to bring thoughtful care for your life.

2, after receiving the after-sales telephone, the glorify commitment in 48 small pairs for you to provide solutions, and in the fastest time to complete after-sale work.

Free connection 0757-23880368 for after-sale service

Every order, beautification will arrange the whole course management and tracking of the sales group, so as to avoid your worries. If you have any dissatisfaction with our furniture, please contact the after-sale service staff and call the beautifying and after service center phone

Three packages of services:

  All MEIHUA furniture manufacture Co., Ltd. the products shall be three packs in accordance with the relevant regulations and regulations of the People's Republic of China.

Delivery service:

1, the Foshan area provides free delivery installation services. 150 yuan delivery fee is added to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places.

Free delivery and installation services are provided in all areas of the country. Other areas of shipping LAN refer to "remote services" column.

2, to send before our staff will carefully check the delivery of goods, including style, components, accessories, packaging and other details.

3, 1-2 days before delivery, we will determine the delivery date with you, the time before the arrival of 2 hours, to ensure the safe and accurate arrival of your goods.

4. After the delivery and installation service is completed, please sign in on the spot. After acceptance confirmation, the balance is cleared up on the spot.

Return handling:

1. when you receive your purchase of furniture, there are objections to the quality, can be specified in the "Foshan furniture industry" Three Guarantees "within a period of dissent, Berg Boni will be handled in accordance with the" Foshan furniture industry "Three Guarantees", timely treatment for you, until you get the solution satisfactory.

2. when you confirm your order, you will not cancel and change your order. Because our furniture in the same order you to confirm and sign the purchase contract after second days which convey the factory production, the factory has specially for your furniture production and preparation. If you return and exchange goods without any reason, we are entitled to deduct 30% of the value of the returned goods as a breach of contract.

Order process: 

(1) customers can make a free consultation with our design consultants by beautifying the online customer service, other online platforms, etc., and initially understand the beautification of the brand furniture. And get our address and contact.

(2) our design consultant will listen carefully to the customer's needs and introduce our services and furniture products to you in detail.

(3) other information, such as the shape and size of the home space that the consumer will need to be configured, is given to our design consultant.

(4) design consultants and consumers in depth communication, using a wealth of design experience, by the beautified professional furniture design consultant for you to design a set of furniture programs that can show your personality and inspiration.

(5) determine the design scheme and quote, sign the order contract, and advance the deposit.

(6) after determining the purchase intention, our designer will make a precise measurement for the customer at the appointment time.

(7) in the final three days of completion of the test, 3D design drawings are provided to the customer, and the customer is confirmed by fax or Email.

(8) we will produce the products that are ordered for the consumers within the agreed time, and deliver the installation service with the best service, and the customers will check the qualified payment on the spot.