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Visit and exchange of visiting (beautification) exhibition hall of Hu Zhiming City Enterprise Association

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Visit and exchange of visiting (beautification) exhibition hall of Hu Zhiming City Enterprise Association

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In July 25, 2017, Vietnam Chinese chamber of Commerce Guangdong Enterprise Association recommended Hu Zhiming Enterprise Association visited our exhibition hall to visit the exchange, visit a city of Hu Zhiming, chairman of Vietnam Enterprises Association (party secretary) Zhu Jinyong and vice chairman of Hangzhou Weiyao, Vietnam Chinese chamber of Commerce Guangdong business association chairman Xu Fengpei, Chancheng District, Foshan City, the import and export enterprises association secretary general Ni Yi.

Enterprise Association, Hu Zhiming, Vietnam Chinese chamber of Commerce of Guangdong business association to visit the main purpose is to focus on the promotion held in August 18th this year in Vietnam Hu Zhiming city "Chinese (Guangdong) - Vietnam (Hu Zhiming) Economic Cooperation Symposium visits Foshan logistics center and the construction of professional market, I hope in the future and Foshan enterprises to strengthen exchanges and cooperation, promote more in the continuous development of trade.

▲I will be Chen Weiheng's vice president (right) to accept the friendly souvenirs of Zhu Jinyong (left) of the president of the Hu Zhiming City Association of Vietnam (Party Secretary of the Party committee) to my meeting.

In response to the national "The Belt and Road" policy, I will bravely, try a variety of innovative ways of cooperation, together to develop the international market, and look forward to more overseas business associations, industrial and commercial institutions docking exchanges, overseas business enterprises to build a broader platform, boost business development of foreign economic and trade exchanges.

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